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DiameterBrake PathCentre DiaHeightPCDHoles
42019028525233510 x Ø24mm, 2 x Ø14mm counterbore Ø30mm & 2 x M12x1.75


DAF65 CF1998->2000Front Axle
DAF751992->1998Front Axle
DAF751992->1998Rear Drive
DAF75 CF1998->20001st Rear Drive
DAF75 CF1998->20002nd Rear Drive
DAF75 CF1998->2000Front Axle
DAF75 CF1998->2000Trailing Axle
DAF851992->1998Front Axle
DAF851992->1998Rear Drive
DAF85 CF1998->20001st Front Axle
DAF85 CF1998->20001st Rear Drive
DAF85 CF1998->20002nd Front Axle
DAF85 CF1998->20002nd Rear Drive
DAF85 CF1998->2000Front Axle
DAF85 CF1998->2000Trailing Axle
DAF951987->1998Front Axle
DAF951987->1998Rear Drive
DAF95 XF1997->20021st Front Axle
DAF95 XF1997->20022nd Front Axle
DAF95 XF1997->2002Front Axle
DAF95 XF1997->2002Trailing Axle
DAFCF2013->1st Rear Drive
DAFCF2013->2nd Rear Drive
DAFCF 752001->20131st Rear Drive
DAFCF 752001->20132nd Rear Drive
DAFCF 852001->20131st Rear Drive
DAFCF 852001->20132nd Rear Drive

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