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Superseded by DAF111D

Outer DiaMin ThMax ThCentre DiaHeightPCDHoles
CommentsBolts included


DAFCF2013->1st Front Axle
DAFCF2017->1st Rear Drive
DAFCF2013->2nd Front Axle
DAFCF2017->2nd Rear Drive
DAFCF2013->Front Axle
DAFCF2013->Leading Axle
DAFCF2013->Rear Drive
DAFCF2013->Trailing Axle
DAFCF 652001->2013Front Axle
DAFCF 652001->2013Rear Drive
DAFCF 752001->20131st Front Axle
DAFCF 752001->20132nd Front Axle
DAFCF 752001->2013Front Axle
DAFCF 752001->2013Leading Axle
DAFCF 752001->2013Rear Drive
DAFCF 752001->2013Trailing Axle
DAFCF 852001->20131st Front Axle
DAFCF 852001->20132nd Front Axle
DAFCF 852001->2013Front Axle
DAFCF 852001->2013Leading Axle
DAFCF 852001->2013Rear Drive
DAFCF 852001->2013Trailing Axle
DAFLF2013->Front Axle
DAFLF2013->Rear Drive
DAFLF 552001->Front Axle
DAFLF 552001->Rear Drive
DAFSB1999->Front Axle
DAFSB1999->Rear Drive
DAFSBR2007->Front Axle
DAFSBR2007->Rear Drive
DAFXF2012->1st Front Axle
DAFXF2012->1st Rear Drive
DAFXF2012->2nd Front Axle
DAFXF2012->2nd Rear Drive
DAFXF2012->Front Axle
DAFXF2012->Leading Axle
DAFXF2012->Rear Drive
DAFXF2012->Trailing Axle
DAFXF 952002->20061st Front Axle
DAFXF 952002->20062nd Front Axle
DAFXF 952002->2006Front Axle
DAFXF 952002->2006Leading Axle
DAFXF 952002->2006Rear Drive
DAFXF 952002->2006Trailing Axle
DAFXF 1052005->1st Front Axle
DAFXF 1052005->1st Rear Drive
DAFXF 1052005->2nd Front Axle
DAFXF 1052005->2nd Rear Drive
DAFXF 1052005->Front Axle
DAFXF 1052005->Leading Axle
DAFXF 1052005->Rear Drive
DAFXF 1052005->Trailing Axle
ESKERDIVO2007->Front Axle
ESKERDIVO2007->Rear Axle
ESKERDIVO GT VDL2007->Front Axle
ESKERDIVO GT VDL2007->Rear Drive
FODENALPHA1998->20071st Front Axle
FODENALPHA1998->20071st Rear Drive
FODENALPHA1998->20072nd Front Axle
FODENALPHA1998->20072nd Rear Drive
FODENALPHA1998->2007Front Axle
FODENALPHA1998->2007Rear Axle
FODENALPHA1998->2007Rear Drive
VAN HOOLT92003->Front Axle
VAN HOOLT92003->Rear Drive
VDLSB2004->Front Axle
VDLSB2004->Rear Drive

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